Sunshine Boutique


WWOA provides toiletries, clothing, and accessories for daily wear, school attire and business attire through local gently-used donations and funds. Clients are able to shop for a style that meets their individual needs.
These Dress to Impress items are all no charge to the client.
The Helping Hand provides all the daily essentials a person that has experienced tragedy or hardships. The essentials that are provided include clothing, shoes, underwear, toiletries, belts, purses, etc. at zero cost. Our clients are treated with love, respect and dignity as well as provided with the opportunity to shop for their style in a clean, organized boutique atmosphere. When they leave, they are filled with hope and confidence. Clients MUST have a referral. Walk-in are acceptable depending on availability but must have a scheduled appointment.

Dress to Impress


Dress to Impress provides clients with one professional attire and accessories
to prepare for gainful employment. After client secures employment, the client is invited back for additional professional clothing (up to 4) outfits. Return clients must provide documentation of employment (offer letter, employer ID badge) Potential Dress for Impress clients MUST be actively seeking employment.